Time For A Trip To The Sewers – Play The Online 8-Bit ‘IT’ Video Game Now

No big secret that we are quickly approaching the release of Stephen King’s IT  – the theatrical version of the much acclaimed novel and much-loved mini-series.  With Sept. 8th but mere weeks away – we are getting into prime PR time and that would explain the arrival of this fun little on line game  – done in the classic 8-bit style – that allows you to float Georgies boat through the sewers of Derry all the while avoiding pitfalls and of course – the evil Pennywise.

Sure – it’s simplistic but damn if it isn’t one hell of a good time.

The perfect time waster to fill in the next few weeks till we all get to see what Pennywise has in store for us at the theater.

Simple to get started – just CLICK HERE and float!!

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