Supernatural and iZombie Renewed By The CW

The CW announced earlier today they were renewing 11 of their shows, including Supernatural going into it’s 12th season and iZombie into it’s 3rd.  Sure they’re more of a pop horror genre, but damn they can be fun.

12 Seasons. Let that sink in for a minute. That’s three presidential terms, an entire run from elementary school to high school, we’re talking a tween in it’s own right! So the big question, how? First a confession. I am a fan. Yes I know, I know. I was one of those who got sucked in during the first five seasons. Two brothers road tripping in a bad ass Impala killing all things creepy and ghostly, all set to the best of mullet rock! My god, I had no chance of walking away from this one. After the first five seasons, things started getting a bit goofier at times. Not inherently bad, and it’s refreshing to see a show not take itself so seriously, but still goofy. It was too late for myself though. I was already emotionally involved with the characters, so I accepted every brooding and whiny scene thrown at me.

Those first five seasons though. Man. There was nothing like it at the time. The scarecrow episode? Excellent atmosphere. There are numerous jump scares and blood galore throughout the seasons. Vampires, skinwalkers, Wendigo, even Mandroids with laser eyes. Whew, made myself sad with that last one. This isn’t a series you can just jump into. There are story arcs and events that affect every other thing in their universe.

Around seasons nine and ten I really had my doubts about their longevity, but here we are. The Brothers Winchester continue the family business. The family may have changed over the years, growing and shrinking all the time, but they can all really get under your skin. I’m sure the SPN Family would also say that the actors themselves carry a lot of the reason for it’s run. These guys really seem to have fun at what they do, and seem to have a real appreciation for their fans. So whether you love or hate them, they will be back for another season.

Going into it’s third season, iZombie has an interesting new take on the zombie trope. Zombies can retain their human characteristics and intelligence! Unless of course they don’t feed, then things get ugly. They can hold jobs, plot and scheme, they’ve been known to work for social services! Therein lies the rub. How do you continue eating brains while keeping up human appearances? The most interesting bit for me is what happens when they eat a brain. Let’s just say the parallels to Quantum Leap are hard to ignore.

There has been some fascinating loops and turns stemming from the zombie affliction. At heart it’s a cop procedural of sorts. Closer to Psych than Law and Order though. So what happens when you throw all that into a zombie blender? I am very curious where the show will go in it’s third year. The entire series is based on the comic books done several years ago by Michael Allred and Chris Roberson. Their fresh take and incredible artwork set the comic apart from its peers. A weird and wild ride, both the comic and the show have fun with the traditional zombie theme.

So in the end, both shows have a different approach to horror that straddle the pop culture line. They are fun and creative, and a guilty pleasure for many!

Thanks for reading!

Ray Nichols