SQ Magazine Welcomes Editor In Chief Ray Nichols

SQ Magazine is bringing on board Ray Nichols as Editor In Chief, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Ray comes with a background in the world of independent comic books where he’s worked as editor, head writer, and designer.  He’s also worked in the realms of podcasts, vlogging, and is a familiar face on the convention panel circuit for his expertise in pop-culture and the world of genre entertainment.

Ray’s a lifelong horror fan, having grown up in the glory days of VHS and falling in love with films like Puppet Master and classics like The Lost Boys while reading novels by Clive Barker and Stephen King.   This love for horror and genre films and series as well as fiction would influence Ray’s work on comics like “Neo Crypto Squad,” “Sons of God,” and “Black Hole.”

Ray’s already got ideas brewing for taking SQ Magazine to the next level and has his eye on expanding the brand to various forms of media.  We here at SQ look forward to working with Ray and what dark horizons he plans on sailing to.

Learn more about Ray Nichols at http://ray-nichols.com/