Nuptial Flight – An Exclusive Extract

Flight of the Vampires

As investigations draw to a close, I thought I would share with you some of my experiences hunting vampires across London.  Halloween is typically hijacked by maniacal clowns or scary men wearing masks terrorising virgins (myself not included); however, I thought it was important to remind people that real horror does not just happen on the last Saturday in October, or ominously every Friday the 13th.  Real horror happens every day to people you will probably never have any contact with, so please read what I have to say and help the real victims in all of this.

Flight of the Vampires

I can assure you that the extract contains no superlative combustions, sequences involving garlic or silver, imagery of stakes being driven through the heart or epic sword fights interspersed with badly delivered one-liners spoken in Latin; to you, dear reader, I confess . . .

nuptial-flight-extract-the-london-vampire – click here to download.

This is a downloadable .pdf file that I am told is compatible with most e-readers and mobile devices.

Just to be clear: I am not a paranormal investigator or a ‘traditional’ vampire hunter.  The London Vampire is about changing widely misheld conceptions about the state of modern vampirism versus that of popular fiction.  I do not endorse violence against lifestylers who call themselves vampires, nor do I actively seek retribution against people who freely make choices about vampirism and anything associated with an appreciation for mythical folklore; I am more interested in protecting the vulnerable from those who groom people online with wicked intention, or exploit the most desperate people in this world.




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