Horror Movie Review – The Darkness

The Darkness is a 2016 Supernatural Horror directed by Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) and written by Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause.  The movie stars Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, Lucy Fry, and David Mazouz.

Alright, lets dive into a quick plot summary!


Peter (Kevin Bacon) and Bronny (Radha Mitchell) are having a mini vacation at the grand canyon with their children, Stephanie (Lucy Fry) and Mikey (David Mazouz). Mikey is autistic and this makes communication between Stephanie and Mikey a bit frustrating. Stephanie’s friend tells a story to Mikey and gives him a wristwatch to play with, as he heads off with Stephanie. Mikey mistakenly falls through the sand into a small cave and sees a couple of staged black rocks with symbols, positioned according to the drawings on the wall. He takes them with him.


As the family returns back to the city, the family slowly starts to grow apart and several unexplained actions began to happen to the point of struggles between the dead and the living.


Alright, great job from all the actors, I thought they all gave an exceptional performance and  lived up to their characters…. unfortunately, there really was no way to save this movie no matter how good the acting was.

Kevin Bacon was my original motive to go see the movie because I am a big fan and I secretly think he is a vampire as he never gets old (I am still waiting on the spell). Shockingly, it seems he had his hair dyed to an almost jet black color. For a minute, I wondered if it was part of the plot in order to make it easier to grasp him slowly getting possessed but nope, that never happened… just a really bad color choice for him.

maxresdefault (2) bacon_2458261b

The movie did hit every cliche note of a typical horror movie which became the major problem of the whole movie – hitting EVERY cliche note.

Another major problem with this movie; extremely poor exposition. If I am watching a horror movie, I don’t need the characters literally explaining every situation and problem to me. Show me, Don’t tell me!

“The Darkness” left some lazy incomplete plots, lying around the place and poor execution of product placement, case in point “Absolut Vodka”.

Completely random but, Mikey’s imaginary friend was called “Jenny”. I waited patiently to the very end of the movie to find out why “she” or “it” was called Jenny but that was never ever explained. In fact, I have decided that the character of “Jenny” was the hand print, leaving its trademark all over the place.

Speaking of hand print, I am sad that it was never properly credited, I mean for goodness sake, it came all the way from “Insidious” to co-star in “The Darkness”!

insidious2 (1) maxresdefault (1)

Overall, I was really disappointed with this flick…. although, with a 5 % rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I believe it could be higher, considering movies like Sinister 2 and The Forest are dragging between a 10% and 13% rating.