Horror Movie Review – CELL

CELL is a 2016 horror movie written by Stephen King and directed by Ted Williams. The film stars John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, and Isabelle Fuhrman.

It is a supposed zombie flick…. in the sense of  a cell phone signal turning people into zombies….


Clay (John Cusack) arrives at Boston airport and makes a call to his son, his phone shuts down due to low battery. He decides to use a landline but unable to continue with his call as he watches every human before him turn into reckless zombies. He later discovers to his horror, that this transformation is as a result of a pulse resulting from the use of cellphones.

Together, Clay and some other survivors – Tom (Samuel L. Jackson) and Alice (Isabelle Fuhrman), battle together to make it to a safe house with one goal in mind – to find Clay’s son.


You know how we have those amazing horror movies that are bad and some that are so bad that it’s good? Yea, this doesn’t fall into any of those categories. This is so bad that it is beyond bad! (If that makes any sense).

I don’t even know where to begin with how terrible this movie was. Starting from the opening sequence to the end, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Everything was bad; it had no plot, or real reason for anything that was happening! And maybe that was suppose to be the whole idea behind it, but it was delivered poorly.

On the fun side, All through the movie, I couldn’t help but notice that Nicolas Cage hairstylist worked on John Cusack’s hair, I mean, check out the resemblance!

 bangkok-dangerous_l4bacef1aaf222268a36fe34b36854f0f-quiz-how-well-do-you-know-nic-cages-hair1280x720-cyN  screen-shot-2016-06-08-at-41105-pmpng Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 08.43.16

Also there is a very serious and special relationship with a character that wasn’t credited – The Beanie! I swear there must have been some special powers in that Beanie because Clay wasted no time wearing it EVEN in the middle of a Zombie outbreak and then magically knew exactly what to to do! Which of cos is the basic slam and wham!

 beenie cellblogjpg-6ab073_1280w

The three basic facial expressions from John Cusack are those in the photos above…. it doesn’t change.

Samuel L. Jackson was basically being Samuel L. Jackson, the same one you see on “Snake on a plane”, and the “Capital One commercials”. Super sleek, can’t be bothered, I mean come on! What’s in your wallet Samuel?! A chill zombie pill?!

It was nice to see Isabelle Fuhrman once again. She is all grown up since I last saw her on “The Orphan”. I just wished it was on a much more worthy production because she is a fantastic young actress!

Overall this movie was HORRIBLE. Dragged on for a really long time, felt like a 2 hour movie, acting was mediocre, the CGI was a good laugh and the plot was insanely bad…. the whole movie was basically similar to a big ridiculous joke and not one I would ever recommend!

PS – If you truly wish to see the amazing hair plug shared by Nicolas Cage and John Cusack and the new facial resemblance, oh and Samuel L. Jackson being as sleek as he can be, then yes, you should definitely go see this movie!