Documentary On The Making Of The ‘IT’ Miniseries On The Way

The only thing us horror fans love more than a truly classic horror film is a movie about a truly classic horror film.  Horror film documentaries are big business and Dead Mouse Productions has been behind a whole slew of such productions and they are about to add another documentary to their roster.  Titled Pennywise: The Story of IT – this one promises to take us places we can’t even imagine we would ever be.

They’ve managed to get the largest piece of the puzzle in place for this one as Tim Curry is confirmed to be involved.  Since all the DVD and Blu-ray releases of this one have featured zero in the way of any behind the scenes stuff – I’m pretty damn excited to hear and see what those involved might have to say.

As I’m writing this – there is no other info to throw your way but I’ think it’s safe to say – this is one to put on the radar.  The project already has a Facebook page rocking so go give it a like and stay up to date on the latest as this one progresses along.

We do have some teaser art.  Give a peek!