Ash Vs Evil Dead Blu Ray Review


Ash Vs Evil Dead Blu Ray Review

By Jessica Dwyer

Ash Vs Evil Dead is a break out hit among horror fans and just pure entertainment fans alike.  The series is returning this year for a second season and is hitting Blu Ray on August 23rd.

If you are someone who frequents this site and reads SQ Magazine there’s no reason to really go into who Ash (played by The Chin himself, Bruce Campbell) is or the mythos of the character.  All that needs to be said about AvED is that the series is awesome, funny, bloody, and a worthy follow up to the three films in the franchise of movies that spawned it.


AvED on Blu Ray is truly beautiful in all it’s bright red gore glory.  I actually subscribe to STARZ (for this series primarily) and have it in HD.  It looks even better on Blu Ray.  The colors pop and you get even more from the episodes and realize that the guys making this really know what they are doing and how to film it.

The Blu Ray set is worth picking up for the commentary tracks alone.  There are commentaries on EVERY episode and they are hilarious and filled with behind the scenes stories that are as entertaining as the episodes.  There are also three featurettes including “Inside The World of Ash,” “How to kill a Deadite,” and “Best of Ash.”   My copy also had a really cool prismatic cover that was a neat combo of  gold and black.

You can pick up the Blu Ray set for 24.99 and it’s worth every penny honestly.  This show keeps the insanity that was Sam Raimi’s 80’s gorefests and early 90 sword and demon lunacy while updating it just enough.

There’s also the fact that this goofy little show manages to kick stereotypes in their tiny ballsacks by having not only a badass female as the sort of antagonist, a  badass female as the smartest and savviest of the heroes, a Latino male who’s got the biggest heart of the group who’s becoming a badass, and a 50 plus year old badass who’s still KICKING ass, more so than the young ones of the group.  Oh let’s also not forget the smart, able, and female African American cop.

I can’t stress enough how this show is somehow, even though it’s considered just a horror comedy by some people, is saying BITE ME to what is considered the norm on television.  There’s not another show like  it.

Go forth and support Ash and his buddies (and his enemies) and pick up the 1st season of Ash Vs Evil Dead on Blu Ray (or DVD) today.