Acid Spitting Sharks Attack In The Trailer For ‘Toxic Shark’

You know a new Sharknado movie is on the horizon when SYFY starts pimping their various new shark flicks that have been locked and loaded – hence the trailer for Toxic Shark is upon us.


“What was supposed to be days of relaxation turns deadly for singles when they discover they aren’t alone. While enjoying an array of social activities in and around the ocean, the guests have no idea they are being hunted by deadly sharks. Not only do these toxic sharks rip you apart, but they also use projectile acid to blind you, burn you, and leave you incapacitated so they can prey on you… in and out of the water.”


Kabby Borders, Bryce Durfee, Eric Etabari, Christina Masterson, and Sean Samuels play our victims and  Cole Sharpe handles the directing duties.  Don’t have to wait long for this one – it rolls out this Thursday August 3rd at 8 PM only on SYFY.

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