When a Vampire Hunter Retires…

Queen ant on red book cover
John Michaelson's last instalment as The London Vampire

Just to set the record straight, I never wanted to be a vampire hunter.

For nearly a decade I found myself embroiled in a mystery that seemed to just get darker and more dangerous.  Being a Vampire Hunter was never a vocation for me, it never featured on my UCAS statement and my choice of degree would prepare me in no way, shape or form for dealing with the madness of my life over the past few years.  I guess you just have to sometimes see things through or let them get the better of you – I nearly chose the latter.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘This guy is mad!’.  But let me assure you, I am sadly very sane.  Unlike other vampires, lifestylers and people who willingly want to tell you about all the lovely, kinky blood-letting and dressing up, the candle lighting and gothic poetry writing stuff (using big words romanticized words and shit like that whilst they quaff Romanian vodka) – I never bought into any of that stuff.  It’s purely for entertainment, a marketable sales pitch.  And it’s so damned tempting; I even got sucked in myself, allowing myself to be whored across the internet and in books as someone who dabbles in dark material.  But finally, an opportunity came about to leave this line of work and try and rebuild a new life.

So why am I complaining?  Just go away and die already, I hear you say.  Well, it’s because I want to leave on good terms.

In 2014 I allowed someone to retell my story but it was a mixture of fact and fiction.  Fact based on events that happened, fiction because I didn’t disclose all the details and therefore allowed some creative license.  When I saw the response to the book I decided that, one day, I would like to set the record straight, but in the line of work I was embroiled in I found it hard to imagine myself arriving at that point any time soon.  But my prayers were answered – I found a way out.

Nuptial Flight puts to bed many of the questions raised by the first book and, I hope, explains more about what I did and why I classified vampires as modern day parasites and not nasty Europeans with bad teeth and symptoms associated with porphyria.

Yes, I will still cringe and recoil about media interviews I have given in the meantime (the internet can be so unforgiving), but that is all behind me now and being reined in.  I have asked that the website be transferred to one central place and updated.  All the superlatives and tough talk from www.thelondonvampire.co.uk is being migrated to a more civilized and sensible .com site where, effectively, my grave shall lie on the surface web.

I hope that you get closure like I have.  Nuptial Flight explains exactly where I am right now and where I hope to be in the future.

Best wishes


Nuptial Flight - book cover. Queen Ant on red background
John Michaelson’s final instalment as The London Vampire

Published by Burton Mayers Books, available on paperback from 12th June 2017 £9.99 rrp and also available as a Kindle version from 8th June.

Any coincidence with the annual nuptial flight of ants is purely that – but would be kinda creepy.

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